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The Inter-American Committee of Mathematics Education, IACME, was founded in 1961 by a group of mathematicians and math teachers from the three Americas, led by the distinguished mathematician Marshall Stone, from the United States, who at the time, was the President of the International Commission on Mathematical Instruction, ICMI. The main goal of that committee was to incorporate educators from the Americas to evaluate and reformulate math curricula and teaching in general, specifically, to foster the development of the Latin American countries. The first Inter-American Conference of Mathematics Education was in the city of Bogota, Colombia in December of 1961. There, the first Executive Committee of IACME was created. A few years later in December of 1966 in Lima, Peru the 2nd Inter-American Conference of Mathematics Education was held.

Those first Conferences led to a fruitful movement for  Mathematics Education in the Americas in spite of the geographic, communication, and mainly, economic difficulties. Since then, the Conferences take place regularly: Bahia Blanca, Argentina November/1972, 209 participants from 22 countries; Caracas, Venezuela, December/1975, 281 participants from 22 countries; Campinas-SP, Brazil February/1979, 569 participants from 28 countries; Guadalajara, Mexico November/1985, 180 participants from 24 countries; Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic July/1987, 316 participants from 22 countries; Miami, US August/1991, 141 participants from 21 countries; Santiago, Chile  August/1995, 1080 participants from 17 countries; Maldonado, Uruguay August /1999, 600 participants from 20 countries; Blumenau, Brazil August/2003, 600 participants from 20 countries and, Queretaro, Mexico July/2007, more than 800 participants from 25 countries.

IACMEput its emphasis on the academic and scientific quality of the events and, on the delivery of research results and serious proposals to improve math education. Currently the core of the IACME activity is teacher preparation and problem solving. It is assumed that the main component in a strategy for the strengthening of mathematics education involves an essential role for educators, and therefore the initial and continuous training processes are decisive. Similarly, problem solving, understood in its deepest and most pertinent meaning, represents a pedagogical strategy that appeals to many of the main results of the research in mathematics education. Hence teacher preparation and problem solving have been elevated to be the   critical tasks for IACME.

Since its foundation in 1961, the following individuals have occupied the presidency of IACME: Marshall Stone (1961-1972), Luis Santaló (1972-1979), Ubiratan D`Ambrosio (1979-1987), Eduardo Luna (1987-1995), Fidel Oteiza (1995-1999), Carlos Vasco (1999-2003) y Salett Biembengut (2003-2007).