Daniel François Coray (1947-2015) and Maria do Carmo Santos Domite (1948-2015) past away


The ICMI community mourns the untimely passing away of two dear friends of ICMI: Daniel François Coray (1947-2015) and Maria do Carmo Santos Domite (1948-2015). Daniel F. Coray was a Swiss mathematician, graduated from Cambridge University in 1974, and Professor at Geneva University. He was involved for many years with L'Enseignement Mathématique, the official organ of ICMI. Bernard Hodgson, former Secretary General of ICMI, remembers: "Daniel played a major role in the reinvigoration of the links between ICMI and L'EM, when Hyman (Bass), Michèle (Artigue) and I started our first term on the EC. He was always keen in having ICMI-related materials appear in the journalŠ He is the one who proposed the (brilliant) idea of inviting cochairs of ICMI Studies to reflect on « their » Study, a few years after the events I always appreciated his dedication, wit, scholarship, and subtle sense of humor.”  Michèle Artigue added: "This is very sad news for the ICMI community. During my terms in the ICMI Executive Committee, I was impressed by his mathematical culture and also his professionalism as editor of l'Enseignement Mathématique. For decades, he was a supportive friend of ICMI, and when needed, a critical friend, and I cannot think of him without remembering the Symposium he organized in Geneva for the centennial of the journal a fascinating event which inspired us for the centennial of ICMI.”

Maria do Carmo Santos Domite was a Brazilian mathematics educator, graduated from the University of Georgia (USA) and the State University of Campinas (UNICAMP) in São Paulo (1993). Her Brazilian colleagues attest to her very important contributions to teacher training, problem solving, and ethnomathematics as well as to the recognition and valuation of cultural and linguistic diversity as central to education. She collaborated with worldwide famous Brazilian educators: Paulo Freire (during his tenure as Secretary of Education of the Municipality of São Paulo) and with Ubiratan D'Ambrosio (in the development of ethnomathematics). Maria do Carmo worked with teacher education from indigenous groups (Guarani, Tupi, Kaingang, Terena and Krenak). Nationally and internationally, this work became a reference on issues of intercultural education and she advised pioneering masters and doctoral investigations in mathematics education on indigenous, African and Afro-Brazilian education. ICMI is especially grateful to Maria for her contribution to the 21st ICMI Study "Mathematics Education and Language Diversity" including hosting the Study Conference in Águas de Lindóia, Brazil.