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It was a success the I Congreso de Educación Math Central America and Caribbean , and the General Assembly of the Red de Educación Math Central America and Caribbean

Was held with great success this I CEMACYC between 6 and November 8, 2013 in Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic . Attended by over 600 participants , and 150 works of 230 speakers from 19 countries : Argentina, Armenia , Brazil , Canada , Chile , Colombia , Costa Rica , Cuba , Spain, USA , France , Guatemala , Mexico , Peru , Portugal , Puerto Rico , Dominican Republic and Venezuela . The academic office was the Pontificia Universidad Madre y Maestra , and activities were held at the Crowne Plaza and this university.

The plenary speakers were : D'Ambrosio ( Brazil ) , Michèle Artigue (France ) , Luis Radford (Guatemala - Canada ) , Llinares Salvador (Spain ) , Patrick Scott (USA) and Eduardo Mancera (Mexico ) . Fourteen additional invited speakers from Colombia , Cuba , Brazil , Costa Rica , United States , Spain and Venezuela have also contributed substantially to the scientific program . The Annals of the event can be downloaded from .

The event is the main result of the Red de Educación Math Central America and Caribbean ( ) created in August 2012 in Costa Rica in school international seminar Construcción y mathematical capabilities en Educación mathematics . This seminar was part of the School Capacity and Networking Project de la International Commission on Mathematical Instruction ( Comisión de la International Mathematical Union ) , the main project of this international organization for developing countries ( -activities/outreach-to-developing-countries/canp-project ) .

The conference was sponsored by the International Commission on Mathematical Instruction , Inter-American Committee of Education Mathematics , Universidad de Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic : Agencia de los United States for Development (USAID ) , Pontificia Universidad Católica Madre y Maestra , Universidad Autónoma Santo Domingo , Ministry of Education , Ministry of Higher Education and the National Institute of Education and Training of Teachers.

The congress was organized by an International Scientific Committee whose platform action took place in Costa Rica and the Local Organizing Committee composed of academics from different institutions in the Dominican Republic . A truly international activity.

The congress had a powerful impact on mathematics education Dominican community with participation of teachers at all levels , researchers , directors , regional and national advisors and an extensive press coverage . The rectors of the sponsoring universities attended , as well as deputy ministers and other high officials of the Ministry of Education .

On November 5, 2013 regional Red had a general meeting with 28 participants from the region and beyond. This important first Assembly recognized the great work done in less than 14 months : dissemination and projection in different countries , development of working groups , drafting and publication of national reports , building a virtual community , and the organization I CEMACYC . Also , the Assembly took several decisions for their future activity :

Enlarge Red with members from more countries in the region .
Leveraging an active and inclusive participation in the virtual community of Red , favoring a greater uptake , encouraging discussion of country reports , newsletters and news toasting the work of members of the Red , putting documents and courses available to the public .
Implementing the Mathematics II Congreso de Educación y El Central America Caribbean in Cali , Colombia , in 2017 .
Accept the invitation of the Executive Committee of CIAEM to participate with a special place in its scientific program at the XIV Inter-American Conference of Education Mathematics to be held in Chiapas , Mexico , 3-7 May 2015 ( http://xiv.ciaem- ) .
Perform executive summaries of national reports on the preparation of teachers of mathematics from Venezuela , Colombia , Dominican Republic and Costa Rica which was published in November in Notebooks de Investigación y Educación en Formacíon magazine Mathematics is edited Costa Rica ( http://revistas / index.php / cifem ) .
To guide its activities Red endowed with two international governing bodies :

International advisory board :

Carlos Sánchez (Cuba )
Claudia Lisete Groenwald ( Brazil )
Eduardo Mancera (Mexico )
Chamoso Jose (Spain )
Luis Carlos Arboleda (Colombia )
Manuel de León (Spain )
Patrick Scott (USA)
Llinares Salvador (Spain )
International governing board :

Coordinator for Venezuela : Nelly Leon
Coordinator for Colombia : Edgar Guacaneme
Coordinator for the Dominican Republic : Sarah Gonzalez
Coordinator for Costa Rica : Yuri Morales
Coordinator for Puerto Rico, Héctor Rosario
Coordinator for Cuba : Rita Roldán
Technical and scientific administrators of virtual community : Ivanovnna Cruz ( Dominican R. ) , Alexa Ramirez ( Costa Rica )
Chairman of the Local Organizing Committee of the II CEMACYC : Evelio Bedoya (Colombia )
Director General: Angel Ruiz ( Costa Rica )


Angel Ruiz , ruizz.angel @