Eugenio Filloy Yagüe



Dr. Eugenio Filloy Yague Mexican nationals born November 29, 1942. Degree in Mathematics in 1965 at the Faculty of Science at the National Autonomous University of Mexico, he has studied physics at the same university. Study the Master of Science in Mathematics and graduated in 1966. Later he goes to the University of Chicago, Illinois, USA where obtained in 1970 the degree of Doctor of Science in Mathematics with the thesis "Pointwise Characterisation of ideals of differentiable functions".

His teaching experience is universal, has taught in several colleges and invited Mexico Education at the Department of Mathematics, University of California, Los Angeles, California, USA in 1966, in the CIE of the Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain in 1979, at the Faculty of Ciències Matemàtiques of the University of Valencia. Valencia, Spain, 1989 and at the Institute and Museum of the History of Science in Florence, Italy, in 1981.

He has been President of the Mexican Mathematical Society, President of the Mexican Society of Mathematics Education and Chairman of the XXXII International Meeting of the CIEAEM held in Oaxtepec, Morelos, Mexico in 1980, among many other charges.

Dr. Filloy participates as a core part with the Coordinator Dr. Carlos Imaz Jahnke in the program of free textbooks for primary school mathematics of the Government of Mexico project entitled "Education Reform of the Ministry of Public Education of Mexico" in the period 1970-1976. He is coauthor of several free textbooks for primary level.

This experience of Dr. Filloy gentlemen with Dr. Carlos Imaz and Dr. Juan José Rivaud Moraita leads to propose the opening of a Master of Science with Specialization in Mathematics Education, Center for Research and Advanced Studies Institute National Polytechnic, where they labor, which was established in 1975.

It should be mentioned that the name of "Mathematics Education" was quietly chosen because they had found that one of the problems in teaching and learning mathematics, at any level of education is mainly in mathematics, the nature of abstraction that characterize it. Thus, the name refers to Mathematics Education faces the problem of teaching and learning mathematics from mathematics itself. From this point of view, at the time, this was a very original approach, so that in many Latin American countries refer to mathematics education instead of mathematics education.

The dedication of Filloy Mathematics Education Department is allowing it to grow and has the status of the most recognized Department in Mexico and many countries in the area of ​​Mathematics Education.

Dr. Filloy was the first head of the Department of Mathematics Education Research Center and Advanced Studies of the National Polytechnic Institute. He has been repeatedly elected by the community to direct the Department, being on other occasions the intellectual guidance of the Department

Dr. Filloy in 1981 opened five lines of work: Curriculum development, educational experimentation, exploratory data analysis, epistemological analysis and clinical observation.

In 1988 Filloy along with the faculty of the Department restructured the lines of work, the area of ​​educational testing, clinical observation and exploratory data analysis constituting a methodological separation, are sheltered under the name of experimental work. To these incorporated a new line on the adaptation of technology to education, including the use of audiovisual and computer educational software development. These lines are addressed to the basic educational levels, basic medium, upper medium and higher level.

Through this Program Master of Science in Mathematics Education Dr. Filloy reaches the furthest corners of the country, with the National Training and Updating of Teachers of Mathematics, where agreements with educational institutions in the various states are set the country for weekends traveling teachers to teach this expertise weekend.

This program in many states of Mexico new graduate programs in Mathematics Education which were coordinated by the students of the first generations of the National Training Program and Update of Teachers of Mathematics, many of which to subsist date opened.

Dr. Filloy ideador is to conduct an academic event Account Programs on mathematics teacher training taking place in Central and Cribe as well as progress in Research in Mathematics Education, with the aim of establishing academic links between countries to strengthen existing programs and research. The event was called: Central American and Caribbean Meeting on Teacher Training and Research in Mathematics Education, which currently is called Latin American Meeting of Mathematics Education.

El Dr.Filloy considering that the basis of mathematics is arithmetic and algebra primarily dedicated their research to these two areas, where it has a wide range of publications at national and international level, items like books and book chapters .

He has supervised about 60 master's theses and 30 doctoral theses. Dr. deserved Filloy has received several awards for its work in the area of ​​Mathematics Education, among which are: the recognition of the National Association of Teachers of Mathematics, the work and research carried out in the field of Mathematics Education in 1999, recognizing the Department of mathematics Education for decisive research in mathematics education in the country and the founding of the Department of mathematics Education at the Center for research and Advanced Studies of the National Polytechnic Institute in 2000 contributions, recognition Department of Mathematics Education at the University of Valencia, Spain in 2002.