Oscar Dodera Luscher

Professor Oscar Dodera Luscher

Professor of Mathematics, founder of the Institute of Professors Artigas (IPA), a member of the Scientific Committee of UNESCO.


 By María del Carmen Sartori




"Make your work be your passion"

and that was teaching for him.


Professor Oscar Dodera, whom we remember with affection and admiration, was a outstanding professor of Mathematics, who always fought hard for the professionalization of teaching and in particular the teaching of mathematics at all levels.

Was a member of the founding team, with Dr. Antonio Grompone of the Institute of Professors Artigas (IPA) This institute was a pioneer in teacher training, since that brings in a career: BA in Mathematics (in other subjects), Science Education and Special Didactic, Teaching Practice and Educational Research.

Drafted plans and programs for Forming Teachers of Mathematics, Physics and Astronomy in the IPA and served as a teacher of specializing until retirement.

We had the joy of being his students in Foundations of Mathematics and Mathematical Analysis.

He took part in all courses Improvement (summer courses) that were organized in the IPA. Among others he shared with Professor John Kelly of UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles, USA) one of those courses dedicated to "Educational remark on Set Theory and Mathematics".

He also worked in plans and programs of Mathematics Teacher Education in several countries of America as a guest member of a program organized by UNESCO.

In Dominican Republic participated in the Teacher Training Project, taking charge of the Teachers of Mathematics at which emphasized throughout the race the Special Teaching Mathematics and Educational Research.

In this project the Didactic teacher should guide students in different activities: preparation of teaching materials, planning classroom activities, discussion of student production, etc.. The group of students selected a topic already addressed in the curriculum and analyzed the relevance of the same in each of the different educational courses and then project proposals. Once applied are analyzed with respect to the achievement of objectives and the level of acceptance and appeal that the proposal had occurred. Made reflections on classroom practices were brought back to the training course to be discussed and evaluated.

Professor Oscar Dodera, who had worked on plans for Teacher Education in Uruguay in the IPA, emphasizing the prominent role of the Special Didactic - Practice Teaching, again raised the proposal in the Draft Teacher Training in the Republic Dominican and worked directly applying the project for six years.

As Scientific Advisor to the UNESCO Regional Office, based in Santiago de Chile, he helped reform programs for Forming Mathematics Teachers in Chile.

As a Scientific Consultant of the Regional Bureau for Science and Technology of UNESCO for Latin America, participated in numerous international conferences and courses for Scientific Improvement in several Latin American countries.

Was a member in many societies of Mathematics Education, in some of which he was the creator. Among them was a member of the Uruguayan Society for the Science Progress, the Argentina Society for the Science Progress, the Association for Symbolic Logic Mathematical and 1st Latin American member of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Council.

Worked in Programmed Education at the University of Oklahoma (USA) along with Dr. Gerald Goff, also making numerous publications for students of mathematics at all levels.

These proposals Programmed Education tried to respond to the fact that not all students are the same, they differ in the way of learning, prior knowledge in Mathematics, in their ability to apply knowledge in other sciences (Physics, Chemistry, Astronomy) , Social Science, Technology.

The objective of this proposal for Programmed Education would provide students what they need according to the variation in their level of knowledge, rather than trying to find the average.

These publications responded to the design of a self-study course, students could address anywhere. Its design should help students decide which parts of the course needed. It should also be useful for students upon completion of their studies midlevel admitted to college and discovered that the wide variety of needs, or was forgotten or had not been addressed in sufficient depth and needed revision or extension

In Uruguay also worked in Extracurricular Activities, organizing inter Mathematics Olympiad and Science Clubs.

He was also Chairman of the Subcommittee for the Study of Improving the Teaching of Mathematics, Ministry of Education and Culture, which was composed of representatives of the University of the Republic, Teacher Education: IPA and Normal Institute, Council of Elementary Education, the Board of Secondary Education, the Board of Technical and Vocational Education (UTU), the Commission of Physical Education and Private Education.

As part of this committee headed by him made a periodical that its objectives raised "the provision of technical, educational and bibliographic information deemed necessary and useful for teachers in activity and to enable the exchange of experiences."

Among its many activities not yet named Integrated Drafting Committee Program Mathematics Pilot 1963 Plan, Screened and directed an Experimental Course Modern Mathematics at the Lyceum No.3 Damaso A. Larrañaga, following the recommendations I CIAEM (1st "Conference Inter American Mathematics Education "), held in Bogotá in 1962. He was the author of the project for Secondary Education "Practical lessons in Preparatory Mathematics (current 2nd Secondary Cycle)".

Prof. Dodera conveyed his passion for teaching and this encouraged us to follow in their projects. All who had the joy of knowing we value your infectious enthusiasm and love for teaching.

Collaborated kindly providing data, the wife of Professor Dodera, Professor Elena Moreira de Dodera, also a professor of mathematics.


  • He was born on May 3, 1912 and died in July 1992.
  • 1936. Started as Assistant Professor of Mathematics at secondary second cycle in the IAVA also in charge physics and cosmography.
  • 1949. Together with Dr. Antonio Grompone drawn plans and programs for the creation of the IPA.
  • 1950. Is appointed Scientific Advisor and Consultant of the Regional Bureau for Science and Technology for Latin America in Montevideo. Participates in numerous scientific and mathematics in the region symposia.
  • 1957. Usufruct of a sabbatical in Secondary Education to work in Mathematical Logic at the University of Bahia Blanca (Argentina) with teachers. Monteiro, Rasiowa and Sikorski
  • 1960. He was invited by the U.S. State Department to participate as an observer of the Teaching of Science and Mathematics.
  • 1961. Works at the University of Oklahoma (USA) with Professor Gerald Goff on Programmed Teaching Mathematics.
  • 1970. It is designated by UNESCO, Scientific Advisor at the headquarters of Santiago de Chile.
  • 1972. Es designado por UNESCO para integrarse al Proyecto de Formación de Profesores en la República Dominicana.
  • 1978. He organized in Uruguay, under Extracurricular Activities, Mathematics Olympiads and Science Clubs.
  • 1985. Chair, representing the Ministry of Education and Culture, the Subcommittee for the Study of Improvement of Teaching Mathematics in the framework of the Coordinating Committee on Education.
  • 1992. Participa como conferencista en la Primera Reunión de Didáctica de la Matemática del Cono Sur.